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  1. WolfgirlAwoo

    Fan Art!

    Here to show a few drawings I did. Had to size these down quite a bit to fit the guidelines, hope they look ok :S The first two are fan art of Stephen King's corggo Molly!! Wasn't sure if blood on the knife was taking it too far, but...well, it's Stephen King after all, pretty sure he won't be...
  2. Eric Thompson

    How Much Does It Know? (IT & D.T Spoilers)

    I understand that It/Pennywise believes that the only two powerful beings that exist are Maturin and himself. Having said that, there have been several things in different books that overlap with things that happen in "It". In "Insomnia", the Crimson King calls on the power of what appears to be...
  3. Juano82

    Pennywise's Travels

    Just saw the movie this past weekend and loved it. Truth be told, it scared the bejesus out of me! I do have one question, however, that I hope someone here can shed some light on...The characters make a point of saying that Pennywise uses Derry's connected sewer system to move around town...
  4. Poundfoolish1

    What if IT scared kids with the truth about ADULT LIFE? Part I (Stephen King's IT parody)

    Enjoy, Like, Subscribe for more!
  5. KittensScareMe

    Pennywise hair.

    This is a silly question but, is there any significance as to why Pennywise hair is down when she is taunting Eddie but it most of the time it sticks up?
  6. Emma Roulstone

    Original 'IT' 1990 Art

    Good morning all from England! Just going to introduce myself quickly. I am a full time artist, and I love movies. One day I decided to put the two together , and now I draw scenes from movies to make a living. Right now I am producing horror related artwork with Halloween just around the...
  7. J

    My Unsolicited Opinion

    hello It fans I made a short review on IT 2017 would be great if you guys could check it out :D My Unsolicited Opinion
  8. sign543

    Other Derry Stories without IT influences

    There are a number of other stories with Derry as the setting. Since IT was a presence in, and, essentially was the founder of, Derry since people began to populate it, I wonder why no other stories reference it...or reference it more. Also, there seems to be an endless supply of derivative...
  9. Dr. Sleep

    Symbol on IT's lair

    Guys, I've read IT and Under The Dome a while ago and noticed the same symbol appears both on Pennywise's lair and on the device that generated the dome. Is there an explanation to this that doesn't spoil other books? Is there anything about it on the Dark Tower saga?
  10. Baby Blue

    Tickets acquired!

    I just got my tickets for the 9/7 early screening at Pacific Place in Seattle. SO FREAKING EXCITED!
  11. Bhpumpkinclaw

    Pennywise and Ungoliant: Ancestral Origins?

  12. P

    Pitch me a sequel

    That's right, pitch me a sequel for the IT novel. You can be as detailed as you want or cryptic as crap
  13. tessiegirl

    The Updated Illustrated Stephen King Universe Flowchart

    Some of you may remember my Stephen King Universe Flowchart- well, the Updated, Illustrated version is finally here!!! It's current up to End of Watch. It is available at my Etsy Store: Here is a little snippet:
  14. thardin42

    Hopes and dreams for the newly announced IT film adaptation.

    Ok, so I'm sure that a ton of fans share the same love-hate relationship towards the 90's made for tv adaptation. So, tell me fellow constant reader, what are you hoping to see in this highly anticipated(well at least by this guy) version. Also, how do you feel about the cast (not much yet but...
  15. Notallthere

    The ties between Insomnia and It.

    All right, I should say this, that IT is my favorite novel of all time. Insomnia is a great story, but because I am such a fan of IT it brings up all sorts of questions as to the nature of The Random and The Purpose. I think many would agree with me that the entity called Bob Gray or Pennywise...
  16. Steffen

    Who The Heck Is This Guy?

    So... if this is legit, SK's most terrifying creation is going to be played by a millennial hipster. Pennywise with skinny jeans, tweeting about who he just slaughtered in a storm drain. Sigh. All excitement I had in this project plummeted when Cary Fukunaga left. I was willing to give it a...