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11-22-63, IT

The kids from IT, Bev and Richie, are the kids Jake Epping encounters in Derry, who seem to have a secret of their own. He watches them dance and offers a little instruction.

Submitted by: Phillip Robertson


When Hosty is interviewing George / Jake in his hotel room he refers to Angleton at the Firm (CIA I assume) as a "Sly, rose growing bastard that he is." Angleton was a real person I believe but the rose growing reference would frame him as some kind of force for good maybe.

Submitted by: Iain D

on the wall behind bill the night jake and bill fight there is a picture which looks like the beams joining the tower. I think there is also a 19 next to it. jake is also given a belt in one episode which says char. the main character jake shares his name with jake of the dark tower series. jake references a Beatles song - may have been hey Jude?

Submitted by: Sarah


"Do you know the turtle" this represents the turtle that holds the earth on it's shell. and in IT.

Submitted by: Draconis

The numbers in the license plate of Jake's Subaru add up to 19, and the the numbers for the plate of the Plymouth Fury add up to 19.

Submitted by: Brett Dysinger

The whole idea of the book (going back in time to prevent Kennedy's assassination) is actually present in Wolves of the Calla. Callahan says he's been thinking for a long time of using Black 13 to get to 1963, find out if Oswald acted on his own and maybe prevent him from killing Kennedy. Then Eddie looks at him and asks "what if you did it and changed things for the worse ?". Pretty much sums up the whole book. Plus Callahan uses the expression "watershed moment" to talk about Kennedy's assassination, which occurs a few times in 11/22/63. And the last connection I found is the "white over red" cars: Callahan escaped low men driving such a car while he was travelling the highways in hiding and Sadie's ex-husband is also driving a white over red car.

Submitted by: Hannah

The author uses a quote at the beginning of 11/22/63 from Thomas Wolfe's ''Look Homeward Angel''. In Look Homeward Angel, the main Character is named Eugene Gant. Eugene is basically a version of Wolfe and, Look Homeward Angel is a quasi fictional/nonfictional book based on the authors life... Thomas also wrote ''You Can't Go Home Again''.. This book is another version of Look Homeward Angel and the main character is named George Webber... In 11/22/63, Jakes alias in the past is George... This is how authors talk to each other..

Submitted by: Hollow Men

Jake rents a safety deposit box to store the notebook. The box number is 775 which adds up to 19.

Submitted by: KevinP

In the Dark Tower series, magical doors are used to travel backwards in time. In 11/22/63, the lead character Jake uses a magical door to travel backwards in time as well.

Submitted by: Keith Holland


when Beverly and Ritchie are talking to Mr Ambersome, Beverly says "do you know about the turtle"

Submitted by: Christopher Tonks

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