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Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, The

The thing that has been following Trisha gets describes in pages 244-246 as a large Black Bear with maggots in it's eye sockets and was diseased/dying, and implied to be insane (I'm paraphrasing). At this point, we have a direct parallel to Shardik from book three, "The Wastelands". (Large Bear, dying, insane, diseased with maggots and such and in Shardik's case: he's a Machine/cyborg) Trisha's beast gets the Name: "The God of the Lost" on pg.244, and Shardik was a "lost" Guardian of the Tower! On pg.245 "The God of the Lost" shows it's power/aggression by crunching a broken branch in it's mouth making a sound like "splintering bone". Very much like Shardik shoving down all the dead trees so noisely in "Wastelands". When "the God of the Lost" is about to kill Trisha it is shot by Travis Herrick, who surprises it, allowing her to throw her baseball striking it "deadbang between the eyes" (just where Shardik's "dish" was that was shot to kill him!) And the final funny is when Trisha Hallucinates seeing a couple of "..Energizer batteries fall out of it onto the road." when she hits the Bear with the ball!!(pg. 253) Yet another cyborg machine reference?! You tell Me!!

Submitted by: Philip Garrett

The bear at the end that Trisha faces is the bear known as Shardik from the Dark Tower. Throughout the entire story, Trish follows a stream, the way of the land, and a road. It's said that everything follows the beams, and Trisha followed the bear beam by following the land while she was lost. When she encounters the bear, it is covered with bugs and maggots just like Shardik. She pretends to throw a pitch at the bear, which results in "batteries" falling out of him (which hints that the bear is robotic just like Shardik) Bear=Shardik= Guardian of the beam

Submitted by: Ryan Fults

The God of the Lost that Trisha stares down could be Shardik, the bear that attacks Eddie Dean in The Wastelands

Submitted by: Christopher Lewandowski

Green Mile, The

Well, I think that the connection has to be with "Little sisters of Eluria". In both books, there are some strange powers related to healing. In Little Sisters of Eluria, Jenna (the only sister that is good) use insects to heal her patients. And John Coffey (the only prisoner that its inocent) can heal too, and when he does it, some insects appear. Maybe he knows the secrets of the Little Sisters.

Submitted by: Leandro

Was re-listening to The Green Mile today, and have so far heard three small connections in the first of the six books. The first is the location of Old Sparky, the electric chair, which is positioned in the southeast corner of the storage area. The second involves the flashback to the hunt for the kidnapped girls: when the tracking dogs disagree on what direction to go, it turns out that William Warton had gone northeast along the river (opposite the direction the ka-tet travels, and the same direction Walter takes after tricking Roland and reaching the Western Sea), while John Coffey and the twins were to the southeast. Strikes me as the kind of connection discussed by Roland and the heads of the Tet Corporation, a sort of message from (the) undermind of Stephen King. The second connection Ive found so far involves Mr. Jingles first visit to The Mile. After he leaves, when Brutal takes out the visitors log, and Dean asks what he thinks he is doing, Brutal responds Obeying regulation 19. Again, the connection is tenuous, but it is definitely there. Ill try to remember to post anything else that shows up.

Submitted by: Tripp

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