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Secretary Of Dreams, Volume 2

Booth is holding a bottle of brandy labeled Crimson King Imperial Brandy; label has the red eye and spider.

Submitted by: D'Anne McNaughton

Shining, The

Dick Hallorann appears in The Shining and in It, and of course It has multiple connections to DT.

Mother Abigail in The Stand makes a subtle reference to the power known as shining ("My own grandmother used to call it the shining lamp of God, sometimes just the shine." )

Submitted by: Frosty

Not sure if this is a direct connection but when the hotel boiler explodes and the hotel burns, Hallorann sees a huge dark shape come out of the Presidential Suite, and it is described as a "huge obscene manta". In The Waste Lands, when Susannah is raped by the demon elemental, as it leaves her she sees it above her as an "inhuman shape like a manta-ray".

Submitted by: J

The first introductory quote in The Shining is from Edgar Allan Poe's "Masque of the Red Death". In The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah, Mia mentions the "Red Death" plague and Susannah forms the connection to Poe's short story.

Submitted by: Billy Pratt

There were 19 wide steps down to the lobby. Although written well before the number 19 would become relevant in the Dark Tower universe.

Submitted by: Michael Beaudoin

After Wendy has locked Jack in the pantry and Danny is asleep in the bedroom, she takes 19 steps downstairs to check on Jack. Does anyone think that the Overlook is a modern thinny? ?

Submitted by: Adam B

Silver Bullet (movie)

The bartender in Silver Bullet has a bat named "The Peacemaker", as does the bartender in Hambry from Wizard and Glass.

Submitted by: Jason Roy

Skeleton Crew

"The Raft" definitely contains a connection to Dark Tower. It appears that, much like The Mist, something from Roland's world has come through to ours. An image of the man-eating blob was what came to my mind the instant I read about an army of men devoured in the thinny outside of Mejis.

Submitted by: Roger

The Mist begins on July 19, but it doesnt say the year. Roland and Eddie Dean drive through Bridgton on July 9th, 1977. If its the same year, which it probably is, they went through just 10 Days before the mist showed up. Is it possible they opened a door into todash space?

Submitted by: Beth

During the first short story about the mist, the character considers the signs of going crazy, among which is "A rose beings to sing". It's a bit obscure, but I feel like that's a mention. Page number is not exact unfortunately.

Submitted by: ReusedNPC

Could the creature in the water of the short story 'The Raft' in fact be a 'Thinny'? It has similar traits to one such as hypnotising it's victims toward it, even though it's more of a liquid than a gas.

Submitted by: Chris Rigby

Stand, The

Now, I am not sure if this is a stretch, and I only include it because R.F. is also Walter in The Dark Tower series. In The Stand, R.F. gives black rocks, which in some cased are also things the person really needs. You may already see my connection here. After giving them these needed things, he has this power over them... Needful Things.... Sounds very familiar right? I know it is not exactly the same, but very very similar.

Submitted by: Josh Jones

In The Stand, the character named Trash Can repeatedly says the phrase, "My life for you!" when referring to or speaking to Randell Flagg, a.k.a., R.F. In the Dark Tower book 3, The Waste Lands, on page 389, Richard Fannin (R.F.) says the following after healing Andrew's head: "If you want to thank me--as I'm sure you do--you must say something an old acquaintance of mine used to say. He ended up betraying me, but he was a good friend for quite some time, anyway, and I still have a soft spot in my heart for him. Say, 'My life for you,' Andrew-- can you say that?" Also in The Stand, when the first man to fall sick crashes into the gas station, he speaks of "The Grinning Man," a recurring figure throughout the dark tower books.

Submitted by: Cass

Mother Abigail refers to Frannie's unborn baby as "The Chap". I believe in "Wolves of The Calla" when Susannah was with child, it was really the Dark Man's offspring she was to give birth to. Her alter ego, Detta, referring to him as "The Chap" as well, his destiny to kill Roland.

Submitted by: Gerard

The Judge comes to the realization that the crow looking in his motel window may just be the Dark Man himself. Mention is made of Flagg's "ka" being inside the crow.

Submitted by: Gerard

character name is Barry Dorgan - similar to Dogan. Reminded me of Callah and Callahan. In the Dark Tower series. Read the book years ago but spotted the name whilst watching the movie.

Submitted by: Steven Murphy

In addition to the number 19 recurring in the dark tower, 19 is also the number of days the superflu epidemic takes to kill off humanity.

Submitted by: Don

Stephen King Goes To The Movies: Rita Hayworth And The Shawshank Redemption

In the short story "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption" there is a raven named Jake. In The Gunslinger, we meet a raven named Zoltan, and then we meet Jake. Also, Andy Dufrense's prison number adds up to 19.

Submitted by: BlakeD

Storm of the Century

The villain in Storm of the Century is named Andre Linoge.  It is pointed out in the book that this is an anagram of Legion, which is the true name of the Ageless Stranger according to Walter at the end of the Gunslinger.

Also, on a smaller scale, the townsfolk of Little Tall island tend to use radio channel 19 to contact each other.

Submitted by: Matt

The cane that linoge uses in storm of the century has a silver wolf head on the top. One of the guardians of the beams that hold up the dark tower is a wolf.

Submitted by: Brad

Storm Of The Century (screenplay)

Legion is referenced in this movie and at the end of the gunslinger.

Submitted by: Doug Carpenter

Storm Of The Century, The

There are MANY connections possibly showing that Andre Linoge very well may be Randall Flagg. 1. Both are Wizards with no remorse in killing humans. 2.Linoge wears the clothes of a regular guy, especially the jeans, the same as Flagg. 3.Linoge is a anagram for "Legion", a term Flagg has used for himself before. 4.Linoge, the same as Flagg, has a wild temper flair when something doesn't go the exact way he wants it too. 5.Linoge apparently walks into town, with a walking cane. Flagg is well known as the walking dude. 6.Both sit in the Indian style position. 7.Both use dreams to convey messages. 8.Both turn a woman's hair white when they have contact with her. 9.Linoge shows himself as a young man, a old wizard, and as a beast (Teeth). All of these can be lies and not his true form. Flagg also shape shifts at will. 10.Both use natural disasters to begin their activities. (Much like Pennywise) 11.Linoge uses the term "Dimmer" when pretending to be the Newscaster. Flagg is well known with this term/name. 12.Linoge and Flagg both know the bad things people have done and what they are most ashamed of. 13.It is said that since the Tower books never mention Flagg dying, and Linoge did, Linoge could have been lying about that. Also it is said that the boy he takes is never mentioned. It's possible Flagg kept it a secret. Obviously Linoge was very concerend about keeping it secret. Why? No one would have believed the town people anyway. Is it possible Flagg raised a son to look, act and speak like him? Maybe to sacrifice to Mordred? It would certainly make it easier for him to go about his business if he was presumed dead. Also it ties in with Linoge needing the boy to be a complete secret. In summerizing, it seems very possible that Flagg may have lived on and gained his entry into the Tower after Roland. It was after all, his chief concern. And with Mordred and the Crimson King dead, and Roland occupied...who could have stopped him?

Submitted by: Sean Hall

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