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Happy Little Train, The

Wondering if this odd, obscure book has any relationship to Charlie the Choo Choo. This book's train has a weird, distressed emotional appearance. Not "happy" as title states. Just a coincidence? I can send a scan of cover illustration if requested.

Submitted by: Anna

Haven Tv Show

This show (Haven) seems to have many DT references. In the opening credits there is an old scroll with Flagg in huge letters. Something to the effect of "Flagg the revered to hold a method of..." One of the episodes is about a man with the ability to detach his shadow and kill. This shadow is referred to by the townspeople as The Dark Man. Flagg in the DT is referred to as The Dark Man. Another episode features a photographer telling the detectives that out of the water came these lobster creatures while investigating the death of the Colorado Kid. Possibly the same lobster monstrosities that took off part of Roland's hand? The town Haven is constantly referred to in almost every episode as having "troubles." These troubles apparently have been there before but have been away for many years and have now returned. Could this town possibly be a nexus/door connecting it to Roland's world?

Submitted by: Mikeeinseattle

In the Christmas episode, there is a theater Audrey and Nathen visit that claims to be showing a movie called The Bark Tower, a clear reference to The Dark Tower.

Submitted by: 19

In the begining of the episode "Who, What, Where, Wendigo?" a band is referenced named "The Lobstrosities", the same name given to the creatchers that took Roland's fingers in The Drawing of the Three.

Submitted by: 19

Hearts in Atlantis

"The janitor who saw them later identified the man as Raymond Fiegler, head of the MSP. He identified the young woman as Carol Gerber." A man with the initials RF was the leader of a student protest group that set off a campus bomb and killed people. Randall Flagg was known to go by other names, usually with the initials RF. Also, on page 516, Carol says, "I'm good at not being seen," she said. "It's a trick someone taught me a long time ago. The trick of being DIM." Walter sometimes was called Walter O'Dim, for his ability to fade into the background and not be seen. Walter and Randall Flagg were later discovered to be one in the same. This shows that Carol had run ins with both the good (Ted) and bad (Walter/RF) forces of the Tower.

Submitted by: Dcapulet

These are probably too obvious to point out, but twice Bobby Garfield refers to "other worlds than this." The first time it's a direct quote from Jake's line when he falls in the mines in The Gunslinger. Also, there's an interesting parallel structure between the two plots that I assume must have been intentional - both Ted and Roland play a sort of adopted father figure, pretty damn near explicitly, to Bobby and Jake. Jake says this line as Roland is about to lose him, whereas Bobby says it when he's about to lose Ted. In a way, though, the loss is identical, since Ted is removed to the keystone world leaving Bobby in a "normal" one, whereas Jake went to a normal one leaving Roland in the keystone world.

Submitted by: Brian Bilford

The man that leads the group MSP, which Carol Gerber is a part of, his initial were R.F. Carol also tells a grown up Bobby Garfield that she once knew a man who taught her how to be "dim", a veiled reference to Randall Flagg...aka Walter Paddick. Also compares him to the 3 card monte man, saying, he was looking for young angry minds....and that he could always move the cards a little faster than she thought he could.

Submitted by: Anthony Leal

Hey guys, sorry,I'm from Germany therefore I'm reading the German version of Hearts in Atlantis. Still i guess that this one should be equal to the original version. When Ted and Bobby are escaping from the Low Men the first time (they are in this cab and try to block their minds from them), Bobby is saying something very similar to Jake in the first DT book. When Bobby is blocking his mind by using the adult Carol coming out of the shower it's mentioned that there are "other worlds than these". Go then, there are other worlds than these. Well ,maybe not a major reference, but i kinda liked it for being very subtile and only recognizable for DT readers. Here s a link to the German Version of the book if this is of any help:

Submitted by: Oliver Tyrala

Hearts Of Atlantis

The Beam serves all. Connection to the Wastelands? The one with Blaine the Train

Submitted by: Kathy

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