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Lachesis mentions ka, the great wheel of being, also as they talk to Clotho and Lachesis, going "up" or raising to see the auras is explained as a high rise going up in levels, but what Ralph sees in their minds is page 385 paragraph 4, "an enormous tower constructed of dark sooty stone, standing in a field of red roses. Slit windows twisted up its sides in a brooding spiral."

Submitted by: Honey Bee

When Ralph and Lois go to the hospital to meet Clotho and Lachesis, the start to travel up by moving through the hospital. Ralph gets a brief glimpse of moving up through a sky scraper, then looks to the bald doctors and then glimpses an enormous building that he can't describe. I think that they take them through different levels of the Tower. Also they ask the "doctors" where people go when they die and say "Everywhere" ..."there are other worlds then these" a direct quote from Jake as he dies in Mid-World. And the "doctors" say they serve Ka.

Submitted by: Adam Dixon

In Chapter 1 of the Little Bald Doctors Mike Hanlon directs Ralph Roberts to books on the subject of insomnia. Mike Hanlon is one of the main characters from the book IT.

Submitted by: Rob Cox

In Insomnia when they enter Atropos's lair they find Gage's shoe, from Pet Sematary which not only connects PS, but through PS Cujo is referenced which references Bannerman, the sheriff from the Dead Zone. Now, while the shoe may not seem like much, you have to wonder if perhaps the "Sematary" wasn't place in a thin spot, which would increase the strength of the connection. Additonally, with Bannerman connecting the books, one could argue that his successor Alan Pangborn connects The Dark Half to The Dark Tower. This could possibly explain Beaumont's split personality as a Twinner?

Submitted by: Ryan

Ed Deepneau's wedding ring contains the inscription "HD-ED 8-5-87" If the digits are added up, the result is 28, or 9 19.

Submitted by: Dave

In The Mouth Of Madness (Movie-Not Stephen King)

Although this movie was not written by Stephen King, there are many connections to the Dark Tower series, or at least ideas that come from them. One of the connections is that the author in the movie (Sutter Cain or Souder Kane, very similar sounding to Stephen King, maybe the Stephen King of another world) is writing things that are coming true, much like the Stephen King from the Dark Tower series. Another similarity is the roads which cross over between worlds, much like Father Callahan used to walk between worlds. My favorite connection, however, is the dark space between the worlds and the monsters that dwell in them. Towards the end of the movie those monsters escape from the Darkness (through a DOOR i might add) and chase after the main character. Again, although it is NOT a Stephen King work, it does re-explore his ideas in a fun way.

Submitted by: Brandon


The turtle mentioned in the Dark Tower series is, of course, the Turtle from It, that helps Bill and the others when they are facing It's real self

Submitted by: Josh Lafferty

From The Waste Lands:

Eddie and Susannah are on their way to the Cradle when the Pubes attack them (so to speak). Once they had killed a few the Pubes stopped but one guy urged them on. He's described as "...bald except for two fluffs of frizzy hair, one on each side. To Susannah, this fellow looked like Clarabell the Clown; to Eddie he looked like Ronald McDonald..." In "It" (also from signet, on page 12) George sees Pennywise in the drain and thinks that he looks " a cross between Bozo and Clarabell..." and says that had he been alive a year later, "...he would have surely thought of Ronald McDonald before Bozo or Clarabell." And Pennywise is described as having "...funny tufts of red hair on either side of his bald head..." I belive that the man in the mob who Eddie shoots is Pennywise, or a version of him.

Submitted by: John

The Crimson King's true form is said to be a spider, like Mordred Deschain. In Stephen King's IT, Pennywise's truest form we see is a spider, his greatest enemy is the Turtle, as in Maturin the Turtle, and can shapeshift, suggesting that the Crimson King and IT are of the same race.

Submitted by: James Berard

IT says that the world is on track and on the beam

Submitted by: Scot Pierce

"In this universe there might grow roses which sing"

Submitted by: Reverend Kage

When Georgie goes to get the paraffin for the paper boat his eyes are drawn to the turtle on the can of turtle wax. I thought that this might have to do with the turtle in the dark tower books.

Submitted by: Rache

In "It", you forgot about the turtle! They have the poem in the book and Bill Denbrough even meets The Turtle at some point "See the turle of enormous girth! on his shell he holds the earth! his thought is slow but always kind, he holds us all within his mind"

Submitted by: Ryan

When Ben Hanscom is on his flight back to Derry, he lapses into a flashback which tells a story in his perspective from his childhood in the next chapter. As he is just beginning to dream he hears "chimes" but then imagines the "chimes" sound more like a school bell. These chiming sounds can be likened to the todash chimes of the Dark Tower Series that the characters hear these before they go todash (which is basically like very lucid dreaming)

Submitted by: Ryan Michael Rogers

Multiple mentions of the one of the Guardians of the Beam, the Turtle. This happens throughout the book.

Submitted by: Jeff Luhman

the turtle in it is Penny wise's opposite. the turtle is used in the dark tower. I don't have a page number i listened to both books

Submitted by: Shawn

In It, Stuttering Bill tells his friends that the kind of It (he calls the species glamour) can be beat by using jokes and riddles, similar to Blaine the Mono in the Wastelands.

Submitted by: Joni

The Turtle is in IT, and when the Loser's get to IT's lair, they pass through a door with a symbol on it. It is my opinion that they pass into Rolands world at that point.

Submitted by: Sieman

There's a scene in IT where in 1985 Richie is back at the Paul Bunyan statue where IT took over and nearly killed him in 1958. IT happens again and Richie and Pennywise (Pennywise as the Paul Bunyan Statue) raises his huge gloved hand and points to Richie. Instantly Richie thinks this is big as a beam. Then Richie catches himself and thinks about what he just thought, "Big as a bea-" before he could figure out why that thought got into his mind, Pennywise spoke again saying, "Before removing the mote from thy neighbor's eye, attend the beam in thine own." I think that exchange is a strong connection to the Dark Tower

Submitted by: Matthew McConkey

the Red Wheel (refrence to spokes or beams?) Roadhouse is in Hemingford home(the stand) In various places people describe a "sickness" that has a lot of people missing work This could be a reference to a non lethal version of "captain tripps" because this Derry is just on a different "beam" as the reality of the Stand this happens roughly the same time as "IT" starts its 26 year cycle in 1984

Submitted by: Brian Hunt

I see a connection here from either DT 6 or 7. From how Stephen King, when he writes his DT books, it's coming from somewhere else, how when he hears the song he then starts writing about Roland and his Ka-tet until he is sure he doesn't hear it anymore. In the DT Stephen King mentions how when he wrote those stories they all just sort of seemed to come to him, like he had no control. I think it is because it comes from that outerspace in which Bill talks about in the paragraph I submitted, where Bill got the word "shockflesh".

Submitted by: Bryan Perry

The door with the un legible symbol on it in the book IT when the boys are inside the sewers directly mirrors the doors that the monsters in todash darkness come from under Castle Discordia in the dogan. Therefore IT must have entered the universe through a door from todash darkness.

Submitted by: Mikey Fed

When Eddie and Henry are planning their visit to the Haunted House in 'The Wastelands', they discuss a story whereby two children had their blood drained from them and their hair turned white with frozen, terrified faces. This is very similar to what happens to the bullies who see the 'Dead Lights' in IT, leading me to believe that a similar power is controlling the haunted house/doorkeeper.

Submitted by: Holmesy

It / Christine

Henry gets picked up by a 1958 Plymouth Fury ( obviously Christine ), driven by the dead Butch Huggins. This alludes to Christine being controlled by Pennywise, who has some sort of connection to the Tower, and Roland's universe. It may explain what actually did control Christine.

Submitted by: Jesse

IT, Virtually All The Dark Tower Books And Especially The Last, And The Graphic Novels

It seems absurd to not mention that both IT and the Crimson King are referred to as the eater of worlds or destroyer of worlds. But if that's too vague, consider that the Crimson King is clearly shown as a were-spider in the graphic novels, as is his son in the last two books. This is IT's true form.

Submitted by: Swee2th

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