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Dark Half, The

The place called Endsville, where all railservice terminates, is Endworld I think. Topeka is just this side of the Midworld/Endworld border, and we all know what ended in Topeka. The Dark Half also illustrates the Stephen King is Gan's navel. The "stories" he tells become a reality

Submitted by: Jeff

Dark Tower 6 - Song Of Susannah, The

So I'm reading SONG OF SUSANNAH and I'm at the point where Susannah/Mia gets out of the taxi at Lex/60th heading to The Dixie Pig. The street artist mentions the name RALPH STANLEY, so I decided to learn a little more about the man. Here's the weird connection....the name of the author that co-authored Ralph Stanley's 2009 autobiography titled "Man of Constant Sorrow" is none other than EDDIE DEAN!!!! Put that in your Dark Tower and smoke it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by: Christopher Manning

Dark Tower Book VII: The Dark Tower, The

When Bryan Smith is talking to fictional Stephen King, he mentions that he saw the movie Cujo. Roland recognizes the word because Susan Delgado said it to him when they were in Mejis. She tells him the word means "sweet one".

Submitted by: Brian Tucker

Dark Tower Series

I would like to direct these Pre Raphaelite Art references to sai King himself as well as to readers of the Dark Tower series. In the Dark Tower novels 'the rose' could be interpreted variously. Perhaps each rose is a person or a soul. From a Christian perspective each rose is a tree of life. In a Tarot deck a rose could be a wheel of fortune wherein a person on the rim goes up an down at the whim of 'ka'. The center of the wheel or the heart of the rose in this case, is enlightenment, peace, or death. To abide in the heart of the rose is to be removed from the rolling ups and downs on the rim. I am including some links here to some Pre Raphaelite paintings by E. Burne-Jones. In this painting the woman reaches across the heart of the rose to grasp the hand of death. See others in series.

Submitted by: Laurie Thorson

Dark Tower, The

not so much a connection, as something I wonder, since this last time Ka has wheeled around and roland has found himself having to re live his journey again, only this time with the Horn of Eld, couldnt that mean that the entire story would be difrent this time? because if he isnt willing to forsake the Horn, then he also maybe wouldnt let Jake drop, and that would mean sussanah wouldnt have to distract the demon in the speaking circle, and that would mean she wouldnt become pregnant and roland wouldnt have the secret to break thei ka tet, and that would mean that buzzard wouldnt get that cheap shot off at eddie and kill him in thunderclap, which would also mean that all of rolands ka tet would be present for the final battle agaisnt the crimson king.

Submitted by: Justin Hokett

This is actually about 11/22/63. IMHO, the biggest connection is the 'doorway' itself. In The Dark Tower, in the chapter Fedic (Two Views), Susannah says "Ted and his friends were pretty amazed by the rotunda where all the doors are, especially the one going to Dallas in 1963, where President Kennedy was killed." One could make a case that the doorway in 11/22/63 is that universe's analog of the doorway in Fedic. Thanks, I enjoy the site!

Submitted by: Joe

Dark Tower V: Wolves Of The Calla

Father Callahan has just finished his tale of how he came to be in the Calla by coming through the Unfound Door with Black Thirteen. He and Roland's ka-tet are dicussing the way they can aim at a specific time and place with the ball and the door. Callahan mention's the assassination of Kennedy on 11/22/63 and how he had thought of going back and changing the events of that day. Eddie mentions that doing so could have actually made things worse rather than better. It is a foreshadow of the storyline of 11/22/63.

Submitted by: Jessica Tabares

Dark Tower VII, The

The threesome drawing of sai King is of course the same as the threesome shape shifters at the castle of the Crimson King....offering long pork to Roland. At the point Susannah departs, she knows that Roland is his own apotheosis and refuses to be more grist for Roland's mill. Alas, our only hope for Roland is that after the Tower, crossing the heart of the rose, he has picked up the horn.

Submitted by: Laurie Thorson

Susanna is in the house of Joe Collins "Dandelo" She slaps herself while laughing and becomes embarrassed because the blood makes her think of the time in gym class she got her period and the girls threw tampons at her saying "plug it up". This also happens in Carrie when she gets her period for the first time in gym class.

Submitted by: Joshua Cheek

Dead Zone, The

When Johnny plays the Wheel of Fortune, the last number he bets on is 19, which of course is featured extensively in the Dark Tower books. After dropping off Sarah at her house, Johnny calls a cab and it mentions driving up "Flagg Street."

Submitted by: Ryan

(A) Somewhat obvious but overtly so that it might have gone unnoticed...Sarah's apartment in Veazie, where she was when Johnny had his wreck, was on Flagg Street. (B) When Bannerman got Johnny to come out of "The Dead Zone", "he still saw that black shape with the shiny-quarter eyes looming out of the snow." Flagg--the dark man...Frank Dodd--the latest "personification" of Flagg? Flagg--eyes that seemed to change...Dodd--revealing (through his "windows to his soul") his true spirit (either metaphorically or having been physically possessed by) as that of our old buddy Randy.

Submitted by: Don LaPointe


At the very beginning of the novel, when Entragian stopped Peter and Mary, a small bag with Marijuana is found. In that moment, Mary remembers her sister-in-law who has married a guy called Roger Finney. Means something to you? Yeah, thats, in my opinion, another name for Randall Flagg. And in addition, the bag has a small sticker of Smiley, just as Flagg has in his jacket.

Submitted by: The Walking Dude

The street preacher in Song of Susannah and David's preacher friend Martin in Desperation both use the term Gawd Bomb.

Submitted by: CWS

The nonsense jibberish that Entragian uses to describe/control his creatures is a language found many times in The Dark Tower series: Tak, Can-toi, Tak a Lah...etc...

Submitted by: Frizz

Different Seasons

Dussander states "There will be water if God wills it" in converstion with Todd, the same thing Roland says several times throughout the series.

Submitted by: WallFloyd

Dussander says "there will be water if God wills it" This is a saying that Roland uses often.

Submitted by: Layne Patrick

Just another 19 popping up! In Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption this appears. "...but the main thing Andy wanted was to keep Cell 14 in Cellblock 5 a single occupancy. Pretty easy math there!

Submitted by: Gabriel Godwin

Different Seasons-Apt Pupil

"Dussander's eyes gleamed yellowly." This is the only time this description of Dussander is used in the book/story. This feature is used frequently of Flagg. Also, Dussander's past actions could be contributed to a "Flagg-type" influence on his life.

Submitted by: Don

Different Seasons: The Breathing Method

When the narrator is asking questions to the old man at the club he has the feeling that he isn't in manhattan anymore. The descriptions of his experience and the fact that all of the books and items in the club have references to our world but are still slightly different and that there are many, many, rooms in the club, leads me to suspect that the club is actually a level on The Dark Tower or something to that effect.

Submitted by: Michael

Diffrent Seasons

David talks about the door "revealing not Thirty-fifth street but an insane Clark Ashton Smith landscape where the bitter shapes of twisted trees stood silhouetted on a sterile horizon below which double suns were setting in a gruesome red glare."

Submitted by: Tidesman

Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep has the feel of a DT novel, but not many connections. However Dan says "There are other worlds than these" at one point. The True Knot member Silent Sarey has the ability to become "Dim". It is possible that the True not are demons from Rolands world, there Turning in and Cycling out is possibly them being brought through to inhabit a human body. Abra is the most powerful "wonderchild" that SK has introduced, and leads to thoughts of how powerful she (And Dan) would have been as breakers. And perhaps the events of the Shining were low men trying to get hold of Dan. Abra and Kyra from Bag of Bones could be twinners as they both communicate in a similar way (Smiley faces in spilled sugar etc)The overlook area is one of SK's thin places, where ghosts and other supernatural beings become the norm, the house in Bag of Bones is the same and in that book an "Outsider" from Rolands world possesses and enhances Sarah Tidwells ghost. The same seems to be true in Doctor Sleep/The Shining with the ghost of Horace Derwent as he has become a Monster in the lock box in Dan's mind where other ghosts became ash. Dans ability to hide out in a memory is also a familiar theme in DT novels.

Submitted by: Sieman

Dim: Silent Sarey of the true knot has this talent

Submitted by: Roland Debrain

In Doctor Sleep, Dick Halloran's death is listed as June 19, 1999. This is the day Roland saved Stephen King's life in the Dark Tower series, and it also has significance in 11-22-63.

Submitted by: Brandon

Dan Torrance is talking to John Dalton on their drive thru Iowa and is talking about the different aspects of the shining. Dan says the phrase "There are other worlds than these." Jake Chambers says the same phrase in The Gunslinger before falling to his death.

Submitted by: Jessica Tabares

Dr. Sleep

Dan Torrance, in a conversation with Dr. John Dalton about "Shining" and seeing "ghosties", states that "There are other worlds than these." A direct quote by Jake Chambers from DT

Submitted by: Roundbeard

When Dan and Dr. John are driving together to the factory to find the baseball glove, Dan starts talking about his past. Dan says, "There are other worlds than these." This quote is said many times in the Dark Tower series.

Submitted by: Ryan Fults

Dream Catcher

in dream catcher it says halfway down on 282.. why do you keep seeing a brick wall? what is 19,besides a prime number? who said fuck the tigers? whats does that mean? what is the brick wall? when is the brick wall? what does it mean? why do you keep seeing it. throughout the dark tower series 19 is a recurring number its appears in books 7 6 and 5 its has to do with the ka tet of 19

Submitted by: Charlie Pendergrass

it says on page 342.. who was richie besides number 19 again like i stated before in my other email the number 19 is a recurring thing in the dark tower books having to do with the ka-tet of 19

Submitted by: Charlie Pendergrass

Mr. Gray: "What is 19, besides a prime number?"

Need I say more? How exactly does this DT number show up in Jonesy's mind? King did start writing this one in 1999. Mayhap 99 shows up and I missed it somewhere.

Submitted by: Steve

While Mr.Gray was possessing Jonesy, he read a bit of scripture that said: "TO THOSE LOST IN THE STORM MAY 31, 1985 AND TO THE CHILDREN ALL THE CHILDREN LOVE FROM BILL, BEN, BEV, EDDIE, RICHIE, STAN, MIKE THE LOSERS' CLUB." An obvious throwback to IT. But to top things off, spray painted in red on the plaque is another message: "PENNYWISE LIVES."

Submitted by: DeanW

Duma Key

    There are several references to the Dark Tower Series. Edgar refers to himself as a "gunslinger" (pg 433). One of Edgar's major works is "Roses Grow from Shells." His ex-wife tattoos a rose onto her breast. Roses are also mentioned several times in the novel. The main antagonist wears a red robe similar to that of the Crimson King. His daughter's name ( Ilse Marie Freemantle) has 19 letters in it. Edgar's E-mail is EFree19 and his real estate agent's is SmithReality9505, both of which have numbers the amount to 19, which constant readers will recognize. Along with these other "19's", the first big storm (or "Alice") occurred in 1927, which when added together makes 19; and the flight he takes to Florida is flight 559. Pam's room number is 847 which added together is 19. Edgar's artistic abilities seem to parallel those of Patrick Danville, especially the ability to remove things from reality by drawing and then erasing them. Nan Melda loses two fingers on her right hand on a beach, which also happens to Roland Deschain at the beginning of the Drawing of the Three. Charley the Lawn Jockey (pg 568) shares the name of Charlie the Choo Choo, and the root "char," meaning death, also echoed when Edgar thinks about having people sit in the "char" when he has to think sideways to mean "chair". In one passage of the book, Edgar compares life to a wheel, in the sense of always coming around to the beginning, one of the main philosophies of the Dark Tower. The idea that drawings or paintings can change reality is another recurring motive.

Submitted by: Zack

Edgar Freemantle's daughter is going home on flight number 559. If you add the three numbers together (5 5 9) you get 19, which is a prominent number in the Dark Tower series. This could be a possibly intentional connection.

Submitted by: Austin Saunders

In Duma Key the main character, Edgar Freemantle, finds he has the ability to change and erase things through his art. The same as Patrick Danville the artist in the final book.

Submitted by: Chris Stein

The main character, Edgar Freemantle, seems to have nearly the same ability to draw things into reality that Patrick Danville demonstrates in both Insomnia and The Dark Tower 7. Also, one of his paintings has roses growing through shells under his house in the water and I thought that may be a reference to The Rose in the Dark Tower series, or possibly just a reference to Can Ka No Rey in the Dark Tower 7. Maybe I am way off base, but I believe that at least Edgars talent qualifies as a connection.

Submitted by: JLette

Not on page 55 but I dont know which pages exactly as i dont have a copy of "Duma Key" right in front of me. In wizard and glass near the end, when Susan and Olive Thorin run into Three men on the trail to the caves, the last remaining big coffin hunter, Sai Reynolds, shrugs and tells Susan "Maybe si, Maybe no," When she informs him that his compadres are dead. That phrase is used by one of the main characters (Jerome Wireman) in Duma Key consistently throughout the book. Also, the "Big Pink" house in Duma Key might also have something to do with Maerlyns rainbow (the pink glass ball) in Wizard and Glass as well. Especially considering that Edgar sees roses in most of his paintings.

Submitted by: Farthoven

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