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Bag Of Bones

Mike Noonan meets Ralph Roberts at a diner and Ralph gives him some advice for insomnia.

Submitted by: Jennifer Ulmer

Bag Of Bones/Dark Tower

Mike seems to go todash when he visits the Freburg Fair, and returns to the real world via a door. The house is a twinner of the house in the last book in the series, and some of the places in the area are mentioned in both books. The house seems to slip through time, and into other worlds and the air around it is "Thin", an 'Outsider' possesses and enhances the ghost of Sara Tidwell this outsider is from another world, maybe Rolands. Kyra ia probably the cause of the events in this book, with the antagonists being possible agents of the Crimson King, trying to make Kyra a Breaker.

Submitted by: Sieman

Black House

The crimson King is in black House looking for breakers, the big combination (The glow on the horizon Susannah sees from Castle Discordia)is featured along with its fate, making this book an essential part of the DT story.

Submitted by: Sieman

Breathing Method (Different Seasons), The

A woman determined to have her baby at all costs, this resonates with MIA (daughter of none) from Song of Susannah...

Submitted by: Logan Xart

Breathing Method, The

The club -- if it is a club -- contains brands, book, authors and publishers that don't seem to exist elsewhere in this world, or this where and when; however, we know that there are other worlds than these in which such things likely do exist. Furthermore, the club (as I must continue to call it) contains many "'entrances and exists'" where "'men have become lost,'" quite possibly because they lead to other wheres and whens. In fact, David is certain that another world exists.

Submitted by: Jordan Rock

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