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Talisman, The

This is the scene where Jack is in the Agincourt Hotel, and he is fighting the last of the knights. He is describing his surroundings as he is flipping through a vast amount of worlds, and describes seeing a great many people who "were beautiful but doomed, and so ghosts always seem to the living." This is very similar to when Roland is climbing the Dark Tower in the last book, and sees on each level different people in a similar fashion, both those he had known along the journey and those he had not, and were described as almost ghost like.

Submitted by: GunslingerPimp

I believe the talisman that Jack journeys to get in the book is either related or an actual todash ball.Maybe the inverse of black thirteen from Wolves of Calla.

Submitted by: DT Enthusiast

Speedy Parker is discussing "Men ... like me hear ... stories ... about two-headed parrots ..." Flagg had a parrot of this type when he was in Delain.

Submitted by: Don

The driver of the car during the attempted abduction of Jack had eyes that changed color from blue to yellow. The man's appearance was one of charm until he started speaking and Jack spends more time listening to him. He entices jack with friendship (remember King Thomas and Flagg from "The Eyes of the Dragon"?). Also, the driver's appearance, in a black suit, changes so that his hand became a claw.

Submitted by: Don

DIM- Anders describes Reuel Gardener, the son of Osmond (Sunlight Gardener's Twinner) as being dim- "one who is hard to see no matter , no matter how hard ye look for that one." This is a feat described in The Stand. Hearts In Atlantis, and The Dark Tower series well associated with Randall Flagg, Roland's nemesis.

Submitted by: Alex Colon

Jack Sawyer's account of being kidnapped by two men in a green car, the passenger wearing dark glasses and the driver having blue eyes that changed to yellow. The passenger got out of the car and grabbed Jack in an attempt to abduct him and with horror, Jack " realized that what he felt beneath his fingers was not skin. He twisted his head and saw that clamped to his side and protruding from the black sleeve was a hard, pinching thing like a claw or a jointed talon." This seems to be the Can-Toi or low men from The Dark Tower.

Submitted by: Brian Augustine

Consider the Bends of the Rainbow, aka the Wizard's Rainbow, et cetera. Given the nature of the titular Talisman, I think it's very likely that it is in fact one such artifact. Page number is not exact due to not having the book on hand and the Talisman itself being omnipresent throughout the book.

Submitted by: ReusedNPC

Quote: "Could even be," the blind man remarked, hitting a dark D-minor chord on his box, "That all things soive the Lord, just like my momma tole me and your momma might have tole you, if she was a Christian lady. Could be we think we doin one thing but are really doin another. Good Book says all things, even those that seem evil, soive the Lord. What you think, boy?" I immediately made a mental connection to "All things serve the Beam," a recurring quote from the Dark Tower series.

Submitted by: Jamie Simon

After Jack and Wolf escape Sunlight Home, he gets a lift form a guy who gives him his coat, this is just outside a town called Danville - as in Patrick Danville.

Submitted by: Alister Storey


The man with the rotted nose in Thinner shows up in either Book, 5,6, or 7 (can't remember which), and he helps Roland's ka-tet stop the destruction of the beam.

Submitted by: #19

Tommyknockers, The

When Jim Gardener comes to on the rocks of the Arcadia resort, he's hailed by young Jack whose mother "was crazy and died in a car crash." This is an obvious, slightly altered of "The Talisman" and "Black House" Jack.

Submitted by: Stefanos

The "becoming" process experienced by the people of Haven, Maine, who slowly turn from normal humans into aliens, is apparently similar to the "becoming" process that is apparently the lifegoal of the can toi, as described in The Dark Tower VII. The process of extraction suffered by the children of the Calla in order to "feed" the Breakers, is also very similar to the process of extraction undergone by certain unfortunate Haven residents, whose minds are "milked" in order to hasten the "becoming" of their former neighbors. Both sets of victims are forcibly attached to machinery that extracts their minds' essence.

Submitted by: Makee Wilwayco

Twisted Whiskers (TV Show) Bear.jpg This is a picture of 'Broken Bear', a character in a kids' TV show. Flipped out when I saw it with the dish on its head and '19' on its chest. The artist claims not to have red DT but suggests maybe the writer has. Has to be Shardik!

Submitted by: Carley

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