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Under The Dome

It turns out this connection isn't real, but I thought it was while reading Under The Dome: Reverend Coggins said that a blind, mad man would be his sign. Then, one the children said "He has a golden baseball" I had just finished reading The Dark Tower VII, and these things struck me in two ways (before I found out there really wasn't a connection): 1. The Crimson King was hurling golden sneetches, wasn't he? Aren't those about the size of baseballs? 2. The Crimson King was erased to elsewhere without his eyes, and he was mad. So, midway through the book, I had thought that perhaps the Crimson King had manifested in this world instead of going to todash, and that he was responsible for the dome. Anyways, turned out different :-)

Submitted by: Kevin Hsu

The dome comes down at 11:44. 11 4 4=19. The hospital room for Big Jim Rennie is 19. The bus they try to escape from the fireball is 19. I think Piper Libby is a female version of Father Callahan, and Horace the dog has some Oy in him too. Joe Mcclatchey is alot like Jake also. Great book, Love the King!

Submitted by: Josh Chamberlain


Mr. Smith's UR Kindle shows a black tower when searching through the alternate realities.

Submitted by: Reverend

the kindle wesley purchases sees all the levels of the tower. through it he sees into other worlds history. The menu on the kindle features a tower and all print is in red. he changes the future when the life of his girlfriend is at risk, featured in an article in his kindle, which protays his worlds future only. low men come to wesley to explain the consequences of his actions. they briefly explain to him all things serve the tower and confiscate the kindle. perhaps its the red kings kindle!

Submitted by: Melissa

The Low Men In Yellow Coats turn up to talk about the Tower and warn Wesley Smith of the damage he could do using his Kindle.

Submitted by: Andy Bertaut

Alternate universes are the main connection and Wesley's visit from the Paradox Police 'Low men'.

Submitted by: Divine Q

The entire story, I believe is a direct connection to the worlds of the Tower. The pink Kindle, somehow went through one if the otherworld portals and ended up in the wrong hands. Shakespeare, as well as other famous writers lives changed world even blows itself up because of human stupidity (Cuban Middle Crisis)... These are not "alternate realities" these are stories from different levels-worlds of the W Tower. When the rules are ignored and our worlds future is altered by saving the bus....the LOW MEN and their creepy ass car have to pay a visit. Hmmmm...that car. Mile 81. ..Buick 8..... but that's for another time...but my guess is that cars can act as a portal of sorts to other levels of the has to wonder who REALLY manufactured the wagon and the"Buick.... .o

Submitted by: Erin Machnik

Wesley is confronted by the paradox police and they appear to be lowmen that speak of the tower. The say all things serve the tower. They also wear the eye of the crimson king as buttons on their lapels.

Submitted by: Brian Hotchkiss

Low Men appear and discuss the magic Kindle and that "all things serve the Tower"

Submitted by: Bret

UR - Audio Book

Book is about multiple worlds and refers to the rose, the tower, etc.. Don't want to give it all away - clearly connected though.

Submitted by: LaDonna

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