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Ok, we know that the breakers were all kidnapped or duped into coming to Algul Siento. Alright, so what if Andy and Charlie Mcgee were breakers and The Shop was a front for the cantoi? Thus, attempting to find out the extent of their power. I dunno; it's thin, but I think there's something there. Anyone have any ideas on that?

Submitted by: Scuba Steve

The number 19 "The storm came on August 19,..."

Submitted by: Michael Beaudoin

Four Past Midnight

In the Langoliers, the passengers in the plane fly through something very similar to a thinny. Additionally, when traveling back through the rip and experiencing the birth of the world, the pilot twice mentions that it feels like a beautiful rose slowly opening.

Submitted by: Abby Koehler

Four Past Midnight ( The Langoliers )

The time rip is like the doors on the beach where only certain people can see and go through it to a different level of the tower

Submitted by: Freddy

Four Past Midnight (The Library Policeman)

The character Ardelia sounds a lot like Dandelo and Pennywise. Feeding off of the fears of the children who come into the library. I believe they are of the same species of monster.

Submitted by: Mary

Four Past Midnight: The Langoliers

Chapter 8 Part 4 - "They ceased pushing, and Brian carefully climbed down the ladder until his head was on level with the underside of the Delta jet's wing. Both the 767 and 727 were equipped with single-point fuelling ports in the left wing. He was now looking at a small square hatch with the words FUEL TANK ACCESS and CHECK SHUT-OFF VALVE BEFORE REFUELLING stenciled across it. And some wit had pasted a round yellow happy-face sticker to the fuel hatch. It was the final surreal touch." Since the yellow happy-face sticker is a known symbol that Randall Flagg wears on his jacket; this would suggest that Randall Flagg was the "wit" that placed the sticker there. This means that Randall Flagg had a hand in American Pride Flight 29 going through the rip in time because he left one of his marks on the plane. The rip in time was like a Todash space. The Langoliers were the creatures that inhabited it.

Submitted by: Shaun Shaben

Four Past Midnight: The Library Policeman

The being, Ardelia Lortz, seems to be a psychic vampire of a similar sort as Pennywise and Dandelo. All three are shape shifters of a sort, and all of them seem to revert to insectoid or arachnid forms.

Submitted by: Paul-Jacques Dupre

From A Buick 8

The car in, From A Buick 8, is described as a 1954 Buick Roadmaster. If you take the year 1954 and add those four numbers up, you get the magical number 19

Submitted by: Matthew McConkey

Full Dark No Stars

The random greeting used by Dave Streeter to his "friend" Tom Goodhugh. Also Elvid makes mention that all serve the Tower.

Submitted by: Divine Q

Wilfred James letter is dated April 11, 1930 . 4 11=1930=19. Hemmingford Home is Mother Abagail's home in The Stand . 'Rats in the corn!' Who we know are controlled by Flagg. The Farrington Company possible relationship to John Farrington of Salems Lot !

Submitted by: Pat Dayton

Streeter and Goodhugh are in the backyard enjoying after dinner drinks and conversation. "Life is good, wouldn't you say?" "Very good," Streeter agreed. "Long days and pleasant nights." I know this is a thin connection but as soon as I read this phrase my mind instantly slipped towards The Dark Tower.

Submitted by: Katie

After making a deal with a man that has sharp pointed teeth, Dave Streeter to his friend Carl Goodhugh, "Long days and pleasant nights," and then claims he must have just made it up.

Submitted by: John Dorton

In the short story "Under The Weather," Brad describes one of his co-workers drinking a "Nozzy". "It's a remarkably lousy soda, but it's all we vend. The company's a client." Sounds like a nickname or alternate name for Nozz-a-La of "Wizard and Glass" fame.

Submitted by: Jase

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