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Everything's Eventual

Look at the hardback Expanded Edition of "The Gunslinger" Page 7, Lines 28 and 29 to find this quote: "It spoke of a man who might straighten bad pictures in strange hotel rooms." This is not new to the Expanded edition as this same sentence is found in the previous edition of "The Gunslinger", just look in the limited edition hardback by Donald M. Grant (third printing 1998) put in a three book box set edition on Page 14, Lines 16 and 17.  Now go to the story "1408" first put out in the audiobook of "Blood and Smoke" and printed in "Everything's Eventual" copyright 2002.  I refer to the Pocket Books printing of January 2003 on Pages 488 and 489.  On Page 488 Lines 18 and 19 say, "What Mike had noticed at that point were the pictures on the walls."  Same Page, Lines 24 and 25 say, "All three pictures were in glass frames and all three were crooked."  Finally, on Page 489, Lines 5-7 say, "Although he was not ordinarily a fussy nam, he circled the room, setting them straight."  These are exact quotes and considering the finality of the story called "1408", I'd say this is a definitive "Dark Tower" tie-in/reference.

Submitted by: David

In the short story, Lunch at the Gotham Cafe, Guy, the maitre'd, screams "eeeeee!" in his ranting. The Crimson King does the same from the Dark Tower at the end of the title book.

Submitted by: Liz Keefe

In the Dark Tower VII, after Susannah woke from her first dream of Jake & Eddie in Central Park after their death, this, in parentheses: "(this is NINETEEN all of your friends are dead). Seems similar in content to what Mike Enslin hears coming from the telephone in room 1408: "This is nine! This is nine! Nine! This is ten! Ten! We have killed your friends! Every friend is now dead! This is six! Six!" The voice continues, shouting different numbers, but curiously enough, the highest number it ever reaches is eighteen.

Submitted by: Jennalisa

In The Dark Tower 7, the last book of the series, Susannah has a dream in which the number 19 itself verbally tells her that all her friends are dead. In the short story 1408, Mike Enslin hears a similar message through the phone. Only the phone says, "This is nine. Nine. This is Ten. Ten." (add em up) "All of your friends are dead."

Submitted by: Chris

The Man in the Black Suit fits the profile of Randall Flagg, a main antagonist in the Dark Tower series. He displays magical powers and his presence causes the grass around him to die. When he points at a fish jumping in the nearby river, it immediately dies. He is malvoent, another fitting characteristic of Flagg, wishing to kill Gary, the storyteller

Submitted by: Dark19Tower

The Man in the Black suit also says "Are we well-met?" a reference to The Calla and their meeting with Henchick and the Manni.

Submitted by: Pat Dayton

Everything's Eventual (Riding The Bullet)

Alan's mother is in room 487 in the hospital. (4 8 7 = 19)

Submitted by: Dkh

Everything's Eventual-1408

The man that saves Mikes life is named Dearborn, as in what Roland was known as in Mejis (Will Dearborn)

Submitted by: Chris

Eyes Of The Dragon, The

During a wind storm, "old wives cringed in their beds and slept poorly and told their husbands that Rhiannon, the Dark Witch of the Coos,was riding her hateful broom this night, and wicked work was afoot." This occurs the night Flagg poisons King Roland.

Submitted by: Andrea

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