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Man In The Black Suit, The

the book is mainly about randall flagg and well read the book if you can find it that is a very rare one that alot people dont even know about!!! stephen you are a tricky writer after all love all you work moslty i love your older stuff when you wrote with pencils

Submitted by: Samiam455(runescape Character Name

Pg. 39- The day he sees the man in the black suit, he describes his mother as, "wearing a housedress with little red roses all over it." Pg.43- Also, the biggest trout he ever caught, "a beauty that measured nineteen inches from tip to tail."

Submitted by: Sarah


In MISERY, Annie Wilkes and Paul Sheldon refer to people as "Do-bees" and "Don't-bees." This is used by Roland/Jack Mort in THE DRAWING OF THE THREE when Rolad takes over for Mort. Also some similarities between Annie Wilkes--a nurse--and Mort--a CPA--who like to murder innocent people.

Submitted by: Jeremy McCraw

There is a mention about the Overlook Hotel, the hotel in "The Shining". "The Shining" and Danny Torrance is mentioned in The Dark Tower series.

Submitted by: For Rest

Mist (movie), The

Dave Drayton is painting at the start of the movie. The image he paints is of Roland and the Dark Tower.

Submitted by: Malika

Mist (Screenplay), The

the painter during the first sceen is painting roland and the rose. The man does movie posters i think, perhaps a reference to a dt movie? then the tree crushing it? perhaps kings way of saying no movie... until again he felt compelled to continue with rolands story, now there definately is a movie. just shows how much he really is consumed by the dt.

Submitted by: Michaela

Mist, The

In "The Mist", you discover that the military was trying to open a window into another world. In the DT series, King describes the todash darkness as the place between worlds, a place inhabited by terible horifying creatures. Perhaps in "The Mist" the military never actually reached another world. What if they only opened a door to the space between their level of the tower and the next?

Submitted by: Matt Jaxn

In the movie (Unsure about the book), Tom Jane is painting Roland passing through the beach doorways.

Submitted by: Mike

am i correct in believing that Sylvia Pittston from Tull is very similer to Mrs Carrmody from the mist and also Margaret White from carie? could they be twinners or perhapps the same person?

Submitted by: Edward Coulson

Mr. Mercedes

On the cover of the book, there is an umbrella with a smiley face near the bottom handle. Randall Flagg (from the Dark Tower) also has a similar smiley face on his shirt.

Submitted by: Ryan Fults

The mystical number 19 is on this page in the form of Det. Hodges home address. 63 Harper Road. 6 3=9 Harper Road has 10 letters and add that to the sum of 63 and there is the number 19. Also there is the username at Under Debbie's Blue Umbrella: "kermitfrog19" on P.27

Submitted by: Matthew McConkey

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